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Out of Los Angeles and into the fire – MIWA's 2011 debut album, My Wish is Your Command brings 80s heavy metal screaming into the 21st century. With catchy riffs, powerful solos and the ferocious vocals of front woman Miwa, My Wish is Your Command is earning the praise of fans and critics around the world.

Influenced by classic rock and metal acts like Judas Priest, Dio, UDO and Alice Cooper, Miwa's vocals - ranging from gruff, thrashy screams to clean, soulful melodies - give the band their unique sound. With a classic guitar sound reminiscent of early Metallica and Accept, each of MIWA's 10 songs delivers a blast of pure heavy metal.

Guitarist and vocal coach Sean Lee met Miwa at The Rainbow on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. "She was interested in singing lessons, so I taught her to scream". When Chris Slade (formally of AC/DC) was playing at a club down the street, they hung out by the back door and invited him to jam with them. Chris liked Miwa's vocals so much he joined up, and, together with bassist Bjorn Englen (Yngwie Malmsteen), MIWA was forged in fire!

MIWA have been playing around Hollywood since 2003, and recently shot the music videos for "My Wish is Your Command" and "Finally Found You" in the Mojave Desert. The album's title track, "My Wish is Your Command" was the theme track for director Jonathan Heap's short film "Bed Ridden". "Playing with Fire" and ".7" also appear in commercials for Always Hope in Malibu.

With the album out and attention growing, what's next for MIWA? "More videos, more touring, and more heavy fuckin' metal."



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