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Miwa getting ready for a show

MIWA - Album Reviews

06/27/11 - Heavy Metal Tribune / Singapore (English)    link

06/12/11 - Sleaze Roxx / North America (English)    link

06/16/11 - Steff Metal / New Zealand (English)    link

03/11/11 - Jesus Penon for 2112 Rock Station / Spain (Espanol)    link

01/02/11 - Lucas Gordon for Mundo Rock / Columbia (Espanol)    link


MIWA - Interviews

06/27/11 - Heavy Metal Tribune / Singapore (English)    link

01/02/11 - Chris Slade : The Interview [february 2011 for H2AC-DC.COM] (English)    link

"There’s an original band called MIWA who is a heavy metal Japanese Lady Singer, you wouldn’t believe that voice would come out of that tiny lady. Miwa (the Band) also has a song in a movie about to come out."

- Chris Slade


MIWA - News Releases

03/09/11 - Blabbermouth    link


MIWA - Links

MTV Artists    link

Chris Slade Wikipedia    link








Rocking at the Gig

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